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1.  ONLINE (BEST METHOD)  Items for sale on this page contain links to a page on my website,  That page has brief descriptions of these items, and is connected to my SHOPPING CART which can accept online payments by PAY PAL or CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTER CARD. or AMERICAN EXPRESS)....or you can PLACE the order, and indicate that you will be mailing a check.
2.  DINOSAUR STYLE (MAIL)  If ordering Dinosaur Style, you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment (a check or money order).  This is NOT recommended; SOME of the items I sell ON THIS MONTHLY LIST are in short supply, and while your order is moving slowly thru the mail, someone else may be grabbing what you want thru direct purchase on my website.

3.  PHONE IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your Phone#; I'll get back to you.  I NO LONGER ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OVER THE PHONE, but I can set up a special "lot" for you on my website and you can enter your CC Information on my shopping cart.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this offering may be combined with items from other offerings on my  website for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  In order to give you the buying experience and security you deserve, I ship ALL ORDERS as First Class Packages, with TRACKING and INSURANCE included FREE. 
     U.S. orders will cost $3 for shipping.  There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  For "Special Situations" -- very large orders or orders which include items which can't be replaced -- REGISTERED MAIL is recommended. 
     Overseas shipments will cost somewhere between $11 and $14...for STAMPS, CUT SQUARES, and CINDERLLA items (Seals, Labels, Poster Stamps).  Heavier items (Postal Cards, Envelopes, First Day Covers, Souvenir Cards) may require a surcharge, depending on just how heavy the shipment is.
     ONLY New York State Residents will be billed the appropriate Sales Tax by my website "Shopping Cart".  At this time, I'm not required to collect Sales Taxes on orders from any other State.


Dear Friends & Collectors,

     The year continues to be an intersting and busy one.

     Tech-wise, it's a mess.  I'm now on my 4th e-mail program, and I apologize if you missed my last e-mail, ragarding my last eBay auction (sent via program #3).  Program #3 didn't work out well, at all.  Some day, when I calm down, I'll tell you about it.
     Good Postal Stationery crossed my path at an unprecented rate.  Maybe it's the COVID virus, or maybe a bunch of collectors and dealers just got old and decided to cash in their chips at more or les the same time.  Whatever the reason, it's keeping me busy.

     So I'm going to keep this Monthly Posting short, just a few odds & ends, so I can get on with the REAL business of putting together an eBay auction.  More about this later.

     Long promised, it's finally ready. After working my way through well over 2,000 cards, I managed to separate out the Plate Varieties of the RED shade.
     The Pale Red varieties must wait.  Unfortunately, their paleness makes identification difficult, even when the strikes are strong.  Some characteristics, such as the color blob in the left frame as seen in the scan at the left, are easy to locate, but some, like the "dot" over the right ribbon, are difficult.  In fact, it's not really a dot of any sort; it's a break in a horizontal shading line.
     I need to buy a better magnifier...
     These are listed on my website.  Prices haven't changed since I last listed these... but the scans have.  They're larger and with higher resolution.  I think we ALL need that now...


     I need to mention this.  I have more varieties listed than you'll find in the 1990 UPSS Postal Card Catalog, but S35Be isn't one of them.  I have NO old scans, or old listings, or indication that I ever owned one.  SO, I have to formally question its existence.  If any one of you out there has one, I'd sure like to see a scan.
     Another small point; there should be another dozen or so Plate Varieties, but where are they?  I suspect the answer lies in the clear area on Grant's forehead.  I list 3 varieties, Bd-1, Bd-2, and Bd-3.  These are basic "large, small, medium" areas, but just a "general visual impression".  In other words, I didn't count dots.  I also didn't check for different foreheads on the other Plate Varieties.

     This month, I bulked up my SAAR listings a bit.  Nothing spectacular; just about 40 more items than I had in stock last month.



     They don't have the "oomph" like the ASDA labels, but the SOJEX shows have been around since
1936, and from 1936 thru 1973 (and maybe later?) the Clubs which sponsored the shows produced labels. I recently picked up a nice run of 20 of them, not complete by any means, but a pretty fair grouping.


will involve one monster eBay auction before the end of the year.  My last auction, at the beginning of October, concentrated on FDCs and other "Covers".  It was just the tip of the iceberg.
     Still floating around my office are many categories of material I mentioned (in red) in my last posting.
     "a stock of used envelopes, including many of the Die J, some of which are addressed to Marcus White himself, who "discovered" the existence of the die.  Also, many used U440-445, and U529-31.  These issues are difficult to find used.  Also a large bunch of Mercantiles, including Dayton Dies."  The BEST of these, if I can ever find where it's buried, was sent to someone (unspecified) by White himself and has an identifying note on the inner back flap!!
     "Hundreds of used Air Letter Sheets, many to non - standard locations (NOT the usual Britain, Germany, France, etc..)."  I spotted a few Communist nations, as well as a few POSTED OVERSEAS TO THE U.S.. I didn't know you could mail a U.S. Air Letter Sheet overseas TO the U.S.
     "Plenty of advertising on cards and envelopes, including 19th Century "industrial" ads with those intricate line drawings, as well as a few quack remedies, early drugs, and "Wanted" notices."  Many more recently added, including some 19th Century COLOR ads, and Pioneer Post Cards.
     "AND OF COURSE, an incredible array of EFOs, both on cards and envelopes."  Even more are clogging up  my shelves now.  LOADS of surcharge errors (1920s & 1950s), both major and minor.  Bizarre printing errors.  Many Government miscuts.
     "Much used material, including oddball locations, machine cancels, semi-fancy cancels, colored cancels, and overseas destinations."  Even more now.  Many Leavitt Cancels, rate upgrades, overseas usages, both incoming and outgoing.
     The FAR FUTURE?  Once I've recovered from my last (Red) encounter with the UX25s, I'll take care of the Pale Red varieties.  Then, the UNUSED Varieties of the Postal Buddy Cards.  Then, back to some old friends, the UX39, and UY14. 
     The UPSS catalog does a great job with the MAJOR Positions...but within the major positions, there are sub-varieties.  The UX39, for instance, exists shifted to the right, left, up, and down.  This is a result of the way the slugs were positioned in the machines, and not due to any slippage.  Such varieties are not, in my opinion, errors or freaks.
     What ARE EFOs.... are the various FRAME BREAKS, LETTER BREAKS, MISSING PERIODS, and other flaws in the slugs themselves.  Some of this could be due to mis-production, and some of this could be due to wear.
     Then, I'm going to re-visit some old friends...the Surcharge varieties of UX41 and 42.  Back in the mid-1980s I bought a monstrous hoard of these cards, and was able to offer "matched sets" of these surcharges.. at least for several years, until I finally ran out.  Now, I'm back in business; it's just a question of cutting some sheets (which, mercifully, were stored FLAT by their previous owner), and separating the surcharges.
     I don't have to tell you that I also have several large cartons of envelops waiting to to worked on,do I?

     And that's my workload for the next several months -- or longer -- when I'm not putting together auctions. This would drive me crazy, if I didn't love it.

             Best Regards,



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