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JULY, 2021

1.  ONLINE (BEST METHOD)  Items for sale on this page contain links to a page on my website,  That page has brief descriptions of these items, and is connected to my SHOPPING CART which can accept online payments by PAY PAL or CREDIT CARD (VISA, MASTER CARD. or AMERICAN EXPRESS)....or you can PLACE the order, and indicate that you will be mailing a check.
2.  DINOSAUR STYLE (MAIL)  If ordering Dinosaur Style, you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment (a check or money order).  This is NOT recommended; SOME of the items I sell ON THIS MONTHLY LIST are in short supply, and while your order is moving slowly thru the mail, someone else may be grabbing what you want thru direct purchase on my website.

3.  PHONE IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your Phone#; I'll get back to you.  I NO LONGER ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS OVER THE PHONE, but I can set up a special "lot" for you on my website and you can enter your CC Information on my shopping cart.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this offering may be combined with items from other offerings on my  website for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  In order to give you the buying experience and security you deserve, I ship ALL ORDERS as First Class Packages, with TRACKING and INSURANCE included FREE. 
     U.S. orders will cost $3 for shipping.  There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  For "Special Situations" -- very large orders or orders which include items which can't be replaced -- REGISTERED MAIL is recommended. 
     Overseas shipments will cost somewhere between $11 and $14...for STAMPS, CUT SQUARES, and CINDERLLA items (Seals, Labels, Poster Stamps).  Heavier items (Postal Cards, Envelopes, First Day Covers, Souvenir Cards) may require a surcharge, depending on just how heavy the shipment is.
     ONLY New York State Residents will be billed the appropriate Sales Tax by my website "Shopping Cart".  At this time, I'm not required to collect Sales Taxes on orders from any other State.


Dear Friends & Collectors,

     It's been a rough year for me.  Last year's tech issues were bad enough, but towards the end of the year (and the first half of this one) I had to deal with that nasty condition which plagues 80% of us men above the age of 70... the enlarged prostate.  So in December, I had one "procedure" for some bladder stones caused by the BPH (exactly like the one I had 5 years ago) and in June, I finally addressed the underlying condition directly with a  "Green Light Laser TURP".  It's very similar to the old-fashioned TURP, but uses a laser to vaporize tissue instead of the old fashioned "hot-wire" to cut it out.  Much better.
     Recovery is coming along well, and I'm starting to catch up with things.  I have a bunch of emails to answer, a few promises to keep, and a pile of material to get up on the website.... and into my Ebay auctions.  My apologies if you're on the "waiting list".
     This will be a short Monthly offering... just a link to some UPSS listings I've added to my website.  Nothing unusual that needs an elaborate description.

     But first, I'd like to -- in a friendly, constructive way -- beat up on the UPSS over a matter of listing policy, after which I'll point you in the direction of the new listings, and then, give you a hint of some things I have planned for the future.  

NOW, REGARDING THE UPSS:  The Postal Card you see below at the right is listed in the 2020 UPSS Postal Card catalog as S56-1f, and is considered a legitimate error.  In fact, there's another card, very similar, which has one surcharge in the regular position AND one extra surcharge at the lower left.  It's also listed, as S56-1g, and considered legitimate.
     The envelope at the left is a U459, two surcharges, one in the regular position, and one inverted at the lower left.  Exactly like the S56-1g.
     EXCEPT that when you access the UPSS 20th Century Envelope catalog, you get the following drivel:
     "Every conceivable combination of surcharge locations was created - often at collector request. The fact that most or all of the misplaced surcharges are Types 3 and 4 on the most readily available (common white) envelopes is one indication that most multiple and misplaced overprints were favor items."
     There is no logic to this statement. The fact is, there are more errors found on Surcharge Types 3 and 4 BECAUSE FAR MORE OF THESE SURCHARGES WERE MADE, so statistically, it's reasonable that more errors should exist.
     I'm not throwing any brickbats at the current UPSS people who are managing the Envelope catalog quite well.  But they inherited this attitude from
their UPSS ancestors, so to speak, and maybe it's time they gave this situation a closer look and tried to bring the current listing policies of the Envelope Catalog into a closer alignment with the listing policies of the Postal Card Catalog.  Just maybe, the revered old-timers blew the call on this play.

     I've always believed that the purposes of a catalog are;
1.  To give envelopes & cards both a number, and a picture, for quick and easy reference.
2.  To give envelopes & cards a price, based on the market, so collectors and dealers alike can transact with some degree of certainty. 

     Taking a moral posture is not part of the job description.  In my opinion.  But then, I'm a guy who would like to see Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pete Rose, AND Barry Bonds in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

SOME NEW UPSS# ITEMS!  The envelope at the right is one of about 80 UPSS listings I've added this month.  Most of them are new issues, while some of them are issues which I had in stock before, but sold out years ago.
     Quite a few of them are from the U440-45/U529-31 group.  Also quite a few from the U532-39b group.
     Some of these are "in stock", and will remain so for a long time, thanks to some unknown dealer who put these holdings together yars ago.  Some of them are from the collection of Tom Kaczmarek, and are 1-of-a-kind items.


WHAT'S IN THE FUTURE?  That depends on whether we're talking about the NEAR future of the FAR future.
     The NEAR future involves a huge Ebay auction. In fact, I have enough material for several; I hardly know where to start.
     My last acquisition included a stock of used envelopes, including many of the Die J, some of which are addressed to Marcus White himself, who "discovered" the existence of the die.  Also, many used U440-445, and U529-31.  These issues are difficult to find used.  Also a large bunch of Mercantiles, including Dayton Dies.
     But most of these will have to wait on line, as there are many other items lying on the shelves.  Hundreds of used Air Letter Sheets, many to non - standard locations (NOT the usual Britain, Germany, France, etc..).  Plenty of advertising on cards and envelopes, including 19th Century "industrial" ads with those intricate line drawings, as well as a few quack remedies, early drugs, and "Wanted" notices.  Some scarce UPSS envelope material, both mint & used... in good condition, but not perfect... so I let water seek its own level. 
     Many unused Postal Buddy cards on CVUX3,3a,4 and 4a.  A few counterfeits with certificates to that effect!  Some jaw-dropping First Day Cover material, including a Linprint "Essay" made for the 1938 Presidential issue.  This was to be for the Herbert Hoover stamp, only Hoover did not accommodate George W. Linn by dying.  In fact, he lived for another 30 years!
     Much used material, including oddball locations, machine cancels, semi-fancy cancels, colored cancels, and overseas destinations.
     AND OF COURSE, an incredible array of EFOs, both on cards and envelopes.
     NOBODY will be disappointed.

     As to the FAR future... I see a lot of work.  Thanks to a few articles in POSTAL STATIONERY, I've been on the lookout for some types of material I never knew existed... or maybe I did notice them, out of the corner of my eye, but never got around to doing anything about them.
     Ever since I entered the field of Postal Stationery, I've wondered why there was a Dark green shade on the U582 SMALL envelope (UPSS #3596a), but not on the LARGE envelope.
     So now, 40 years later, I finally found a few.  I also noticed on UX81 that shades exist.  The type  
at the left is the shade you probably have. I only noticed the one at the right recently.  It is NOT from an excess of BLUE; rather, it is from a LACK of red.  Red is weak, but NOT missing.
     Lastly, a very deep bow of thanks to Dan Undersander for his work in finding interesing varieties among the newer issues.  I'm WAY behind in my reading, and only recently caught up to the May-June 2020 issue of Postal Stationery... but a quick run thru my stock (which is actually weak in this area) shows the 3 main varieties of U616 he described.  I've also found varieties in the paper (different levels of fluorescence), as well as positional varieties on the back flaps of many issues from the same era, especially the "Recycled" Logos (Type 1).  But as I said before, my stock on the recent issues is weak, so this will take some time.  Just know that I am on the case...

     This will be one of several projects I'll be working on, along with Position Varieties of the 1952 Revalued issues the Unused Postal Buddy cards, and the UX25 Plate varieties. 
     These, along with many more UPSS listings, will keep me busy.

     It won't be dull over the next few months (or years) I promise.

               Best Regards,



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