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If ordering Dinosaur Style (thru the mail), you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment.  PLEASE circle with a fine colored marker; any color will do.
2.  ONLINE  Sorry, this is not a full-function interactive website with a shopping cart and card processing ability.  It's Dinosaur-style; it only has listings.  Still, we can improvise!
You can
send me an e-mail and type out what you want and the price.
     OR, you can cut & paste the item with its description and price.
IF the item exists in several conditions or forms (such as f-vf or vf for stamps, or as Cut Squares or Full Corners) please indicate which you want.
     OR you can cut & paste large portions of the list and
HIGHLIGHT whatever you want.  Green (the 00-80-00 shade for the techs out there) works well, as does Red (the FF-00-00 shade).
     I accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  I also accept PAY PAL,
at my e-mail address of "".
3.  PHONE  IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your #; I'll get back to you.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this list may be combined with items from my other lists for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  ALL ORDERS will be shipped via Insured or Registered mail, for your protection.  Please add $2 for postage and insurance to all orders.  Smaller orders will carry private insurance and will have NO USPS markings.    There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  This is for U.S. orders only.  Overseas shipments, please e-mail me in advance for shipping information.
     New York State Residents, please add the appropriate Sales tax.  VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted: please include all information which appears in raised print,
PLUS the 3 digit security code which appears on the back.  PayPal accepted.

Dear Friends & Collectors,

      A few weeks after my August "monthly" mailing (September 14th, to be exact) I checked into North Shore Hospital (Manhasset)for a "less-than-major, but more-than-minor" medical procedure. For once, it went off "as advertised", and the next day I checked out, 2 bladder stones lighter and a whole lot happier.

     Unfortunately, I also checked out with a warning not to do too much driving or lifting... and for once, I decided to heed that warning.  This pretty much killed my trip later that week to a certain auction I attend 6 times a year, and which has been a good source for Postal Stationery for me for about 25 years.  Said trip would have entailed driving about 300 miles in one day and throwing around many 20-30 lb boxes of Stationery, Covers, etc...

     Thus, my offerings here are very poor this time.  However, not having new material to work with, I put that time into working on my website.  Let me tell you about it...

     When last I posted (August, 2015) I had about 3400 items up & running).  I now have over 4300 products in the store.  The main change has been in the area of UPSS listings.
     Back in August I was just beginning the listings, with only a test offering of about 60 of the SMALL size (UPSS #10-#13) listings of U522-U535.  Today (December 16) I have over 1000 Envelopes listed by UPSS # from U522 thru U648.

     There's still a lot more to go, including about 1500 more Envelopes by UPSS #, as well as Postal Cards (Mint Face/Unused/Used), Reply Cards, Wrappers, U.N. Stationery, a smattering of U.S. Possessions, and enough Worldwide Stamps & Poster Stamps to choke a horse.

     It's going more slowly than I had hoped, mostly because the UPSS listings are complex, and require more information to be listed than regular envelopes.

I DID pick up some new material last month, but it wasn't suitable for one of these "monthly" mailings.  These were mostly "1-of-a-kind" items: errors & freaks, used  Modern Official envelopes, and Postal History/Used Postal Cards.  My next ebay Auction, which I hope to have ready in a week or so, will be interesting, with things I guarantee you've never seen before!

     Meanwhile, I do have one item this month of more than passing interest...

Siouthern Florida Wetlands    
     The Southern Florida Wetland Cards were issued in October, 2006.  They were the first cards to be issued in this 10 card (5 sheets of 2 cards each) pack format, and for some reason, the USPS underestimated their popularity, producing only 10,000 sets.
     No surprise, they sold out within 3 weeks (see UPSS PC Catalog notes) and the price shot up.  2016 Scott catalog value is $45.00.

     I once had a half dozen sets in stock, but that seems like a lifetime ago, and these have eluded me ever since...until 2 weeks ago, when I bought a bunch from a dealer who was a little faster than I was when they first came out.  They didn't last very long.

     The sets I have are all shrink-wrapped, in excellent condition.


      I told you the offerings this month would be poor, and I wasn't kidding!  But right now, something is being discussed which should make a profound difference in my listings and monthly mailings.  I can't talk (too much) about it now, but one of my competitors is getting ready to pull the plug after a long career in the Stamp business, and we're talking about his inventory.
     Keep your fingers crossed; my next "monthly" mailing may occur much faster than a month from now. 

   Best Regards and wishes for the Holiday Season & for the New Year.



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