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AUGUST, 2015

If ordering Dinosaur Style (thru the mail), you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment.  PLEASE circle with a fine colored marker; any color will do.
2.  ONLINE  Sorry, this is not a full-function interactive website with a shopping cart and card processing ability.  It's Dinosaur-style; it only has listings.  Still, we can improvise!
You can
send me an e-mail and type out what you want and the price.
     OR, you can cut & paste the item with its description and price.
IF the item exists in several conditions or forms (such as f-vf or vf for stamps, or as Cut Squares or Full Corners) please indicate which you want.
     OR you can cut & paste large portions of the list and
HIGHLIGHT whatever you want.  Green (the 00-80-00 shade for the techs out there) works well, as does Red (the FF-00-00 shade).
     I accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  I also accept PAY PAL,
at my e-mail address of "".
3.  PHONE  IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your #; I'll get back to you.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this list may be combined with items from my other lists for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  ALL ORDERS will be shipped via Insured or Registered mail, for your protection.  Please add $2 for postage and insurance to all orders.  Smaller orders will carry private insurance and will have NO USPS markings.    There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  This is for U.S. orders only.  Overseas shipments, please e-mail me in advance for shipping information.
     New York State Residents, please add the appropriate Sales tax.  VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted: please include all information which appears in raised print,
PLUS the 3 digit security code which appears on the back.  PayPal accepted.

Dear Friends & Collectors,
     The new website, is progressing well.  There are now over 3400 items, over 2800 of which are in the category of Postal Stationery.  Recently, I added 2 new categories to the Postal Stationery listings:
FLUORECENT POSTAL CARDS.  Now nearly 50 cards are listed, with a few more to follow when I get the REPLY CARD section worked up.
ENVELOPES BY UPSS #, U522-35.  THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING.  It's a bit of a test right now, and I could use a little help.  Those of you who are Specialized Envelope Collectors, please take a look at these listings and let me know what you think.  If you feel I need to add any info, or change any elements of style, I'd appreciate the input.  I'd appreciate knowing NOW, when I only have about 60 items up there and it's easy to fix, instead of LATER, when I have nearly 2500 items up & running.

     Meanwhile, the next small project will be to finish off the Postal Card lists.  REPLY Cards are almost done.  Then, the 3 NON-MINT lists...MINT FACE, UNUSED, and USED.  And the Postal Buddy, and the UX25 Plate Varieties, and some Postal Statioinery First Day Covers.

     What I feel badly about is my lack of attention to the OTHER parts of my business... the Poster Stamps and the Worldwide Stamps.  I do apologize for the delay, but for now, the Postal Stationery must come first.

     And with that in mind, let's get down to business.

UPSS #3621a Size-23, Wmk 47
U586a Revalue     The story behind this MAJOR ERROR is a "clean" one.  In 1978, the USPS believed they would be raising the first-class postage rate from 13c to 16c.  They prepared THIS envelope, seen at the left.  But then the Postal Rate Commission decided to change the rate to only 15c.  Stuck with many millions of wrong-rate envelopes, they decided to Re-Value, rather than destroy, them.  The Re-Valued envelopes are U586.
  Now, the reason I call this a "clean" story: unlike previous re-values and surcharges, these envelopes were never distributed to Post Offices or the Public.  The chances for "favor" items were minimized, as all the work was done "in-house".  The various Re-Values - missing, inverted at the lower left, or printed on the back flap - are all legit, without question.

In Adversity there is Opportunity!

     I recently purchased a small group of these envelopes. Unfortunately, they were stored in a humid area and the flaps were all stuck down, to a greater or lesser degree.  However, the price was right, and as I've said for nearly 35 years, "When I get lucky, YOU get lucky".  The envelopes are all very clean, and I can offer these to you 2 different ways.  Please keep in mind; Scott is $200 and UPSS is $275.00.
       1. PARTIALLY STUCK, $100.00.  The area of "stickage" is about ONE INCH LONG, at the center of the envelope.  This is the area where all 4 flaps overlap, where most envelopes begin to stick.  The envelope is VERY FLAT with NO TWISTING.  With a little STAMP LIFT fluid and some patience (by which I mean 15 minutes), the flap could be lifted, then placed between 2 pieces of plastic, and pressed between books for a few hours.  The gum, of course, would be disturbed, but only in a small area.  Otherwise, you'd have a very clean envelope at a low price.
     OR, if you were so inclined, you could chop a
     2. FLAP COMPLETELY STUCK, $65.00. The area of "stickage" runs the entire length of the flap and there is a SMALL AMOUNT (but not too bad) of TWISTING.  If you're looking for a bargain price, you could easily put up with the twisting...OR, you could turn this into a HUGE CUT SQUARE.

     All in excellent condition.  Quantities are limited on some, so please get back to me quickly.

Scott#    RA?    UPSS#    SZ     KN          WMK     PRICE
U314              985      8     38            8      1.10
U315             1003a    10     55           12     25.00
U420             2012     10     59           25       .80
U421             2061     10     57X          29       .80
U481a            2164     13     78X          38      2.00
U483             2187     10     57X          32     32.00
U430f            2361     13     78X          29      1.00
U437             2613     13     78X          35       .80
U440             2687     21    100X          24      3.00
         Very minor gum bleed on the U440.               
U441             2694     21    100X          29      4.50
U443             2710     10     57X          32      5.25
U533b            3315     23    116           45      2.40
U594             3667     12     69           48A     1.00
UC8c             AM43     13     78           36     20.00
UC18a            AM63     12     66           46     60.00

UY12, SEPARATION 2UY1 Separation 2

     UY12 is one of the more challenging - and annoying - Postal Cards to collect.  Although there are no PLATE varieties like UX25, there are 9 SEPARATION varieties, plus color varieties in both ink and card stock. AND, although they are all priced equally in the UPSS Postal Card catalog, they are NOT equally difficult to find.
     The picture of William McKinley exists in both the Carmine and Pale Red shades.  The Card Stock exists in cream, canary, yellow buff, or light buff.  And the Separations.... exist Roulette 5 3/4, 11 1/2, 9 1/2 as well as Printer's Rule 9 1/2.
     What'a being offered here is UY12, UPSS #MR19 Separation 2.  Roulette 11 1/2 on the Message Side, Carmine on a yellowish card stock which is either Canary or Yellow Buff.  I couldn't tell you the last time I had these in stock... but when I did, I was mailing out paper pricelists.

     CONDITION: Mint, Unfolded, Good Corners.  UPSS (2010) Catalog Value is $15.00.


   About 2 1/2 years ago I purchased a group of what I thought were 1940 Olympic Labels.  You can access the story behind these labels on my March, 2013 Monthly listing: CLICK HERE.

     What I didn't know at the time was that in 1948 the Olympic Committee produced a set of labels for the 1948 Olympics which was nearly an EXACT DUPLICATE, with the only difference being that the name HELSINKI was replaced with the name LONDON.  See the scan below.

     What I also didn't know was that a bunch of these were buried in with my 1940 HELSINKI labels. 

     The field of "Cinderella" Philately seems to suffer from a lack of Catalogs.  In March, 2013, I had no reference for these labels.  Now, there is one; there's a website which has listings of Olympic Labels and Poster Stamps.  That's the good news.  The bad news; it only has listings up until 1956... AND the prices are from a catalog which was issued in 1986.  Still, as a reference, it's the best out there. CLICK HERE:


Stampex Souvenir Card
     You wouldn't run a few miles without a light warmup, and I'm not going to list one of the more important holdings of Poster Stamps I've run across in the past year without something along similar lines.
     1974 marked the 100th Anniversary of the U.P.U., and at the STAMPEX show in Great Britain, a "Souvenir Card" was issued showing stamps from Great Britain, Switzerland, and Sweden.
     For a "Souvenir Card" it's a bit light on the "Card" part.  Unlike most I've seen, the card stock is more like an Index Card... which is why I consider this more of a "Cinderella" item.  AND the SIZE is a bit small, as these things go, being 6" x 3 1/2".

     PRICE FOR A 1974 STAMPEX CARD IS $3.00.

The Fields-Picklo Catalog of
Philatelic Show Seals, Labels, & Souvenirs
     Two Cinderella collctors, Sandy Fields & Ken Picklo comnplied a "catalog" of their collections in 1982.  There are no pictures, and the prices are a MINIMUM of 35 years out-of-date, but it's the best Catalog out there, AND it's free for the clicking.  CLICK HERE!!
     AS mentioned on the Introduction Page of this list, the prices represented WHAT WAS ACTUALLY PAID for the Poster Stamps, and that purchase may have occurred 20 years prior to the publication (1982) of the list.  Still, what I find is extremely useful is the RELATIVE value of many items.  If a perforated set lists at $2 and an imperforate set of the same design/issue lists at $5.... we may reasonably assume that the imperf is scarcer, and should be worth SOMEWHAT more than the perf.  MAYBE 2 1/2 times as much, maybe more, maybe less, depending on what's available in the current market.
     YOU can spend a few days looking over this list.  The area of PHILATELIC SHOW CINDERELLAS is massive.  AND, I can tell you from personal experience, the above list is not complete.  I have quite a few ERRORS of the ASDA Shows from the 1960s which are not listed.
     At some point in the (hopefully) near future I'll be adding this, as well as the Olympic Poster Stamp reference, to my LINKS PAGES on my other website.

1934 HOBBY COLLECTORS EXHIBITION, N1934 Hobby Collcetors Exhibition Set ImperfEW YORK
     There were TWO major stamp shows held in New York at the recently constructed Rockefeller Center that Winter/Spring of 1934.  The First was the National Stamp Exhibition, February 10-18 and the Second was the Hobby Collectors Exhibition, April 25-30.  The National had Poster Stamps made by the American Bank Note Company which were beautifully engraved and professionally produced.  The Hobby Exhibition had Poster Stamps made by Reehl Litho, a much smaller local printing company about which I can find very little info in the time I've alloted myself.Hobby Collectors Exhibition, Off-Center

     The Reehl Litho Poster Stamps have a very primtive look.  The Frames aren't much to look at and the Pictures of Rockefeller Center are somewhat grainy and weak.  And that's onlHobby Collectors Exhibition, Black Bordery the beginning...

     There are 4 colors to the centers, which was the
standard for such labels.  There were 2 border colors, purple and black.  These exist both Perforated and Imperforate.  The alignment of the centers is not always perfect... in fact, sometimes it's horrible.  (Though if you like EFOs, this can be a GOOD thing!).  One combo, the Purple Border/Orange Center exists with the Center Inverted.  There are proofs of the blue and green centers, both perf and imperf.  There are underinks.  And, for the grand finale, there are some "printer's waste" copies, ungummed but clean, with a double print, one of which is at a bizarre angle.

Hobby Exhibition Blue ProofsHobby Exhibition Green Proofs
     A final word, before prices.  If you check the internet, especially eBay, you'll find just
1934_Hobby_Collectors_Exhibition_Errorea handful of offerings, mostly the perforated purple border varieties (usually referred to as "blue").  With regrets, I don't have any of the PERFED varieties in stock... except the blue & green proofs.  To price what I'm offering I've relied more or less upon Fields - Picklo.  I believe my prices will be a bit on the low side and that I will be increasing them at some point down the road, but probably not for a few months until I can get these up on my website and eBay and get a better feel for the market. 
     For items this age (80 years), the condition is outstanding.  These are NOT Postage Stamps, and were not manufactured to the highest standards. Reehl Litho was NOT the American Bank Note Company... or even John Nicklin.  MOST of what I have looks as fresh as the day it was printed, though an OCCASIONAL gum skip or light crease must be expected.  I will always give you my best.
     I'm NOT sitting upon a massive hoard of these, so I'm not offering imperf pairs at his time.  Maybe later...

2.  SET OF 4, IMPERF, MIS-REGISTERED CENTERS: $11.50 (NOTE: The scan above is a "more or less" scan.  Earliest orders get the "more" off-center; later orders get the "less" off-center.)
9.  PURPLE BORDER, BLUE CENTER, DOUBLE PRINT.  This is printer's waste.  No GUM.  $15.00.

      End of the line for this month's mailing.  I've been moving at a snail's pace recently... and by recently, I mean for about the past year and a half.  I know that some of you, like myself, enjoy a good medical story... but some of you don't, so I'll spare you the details.  Suffice it to say that very shortly it SHOULD all be history, and things can get back to normal.  Actually, the problem here is not so much what was "wrong" with me, but the manner in which the "medical system" handled it.  If I could give you 2 pieces of useless advice, they would be "avoid drugs" and "avoid medical procedures".  I don't seem to do very well with either.  This is a bit like saying "Don't grow old".

   Best Regards,



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