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AUGUST, 2014

If ordering Dinosaur Style (thru the mail), you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment.  PLEASE circle with a fine colored marker; any color will do.
2.  ONLINE  Sorry, this is not a full-function interactive website with a shopping cart and card processing ability.  It's Dinosaur-style; it only has listings.  Still, we can improvise!
You can
send me an e-mail and type out what you want and the price.
     OR, you can cut & paste the item with its description and price.
IF the item exists in several conditions or forms (such as f-vf or vf for stamps, or as Cut Squares or Full Corners) please indicate which you want.
     OR you can cut & paste large portions of the list and
HIGHLIGHT whatever you want.  Green (the 00-80-00 shade for the techs out there) works well, as does Red (the FF-00-00 shade).
     I accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  I also accept PAY PAL,
at my e-mail address of "".
3.  PHONE  IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your #; I'll get back to you.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this list may be combined with items from my other lists for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  ALL ORDERS will be shipped via Insured or Registered mail, for your protection.  Please add $2 for postage and insurance to all orders.  Smaller orders will carry private insurance and will have NO USPS markings.    There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  This is for U.S. orders only.  Overseas shipments, please e-mail me in advance for shipping information.
     New York State Residents, please add the appropriate Sales tax.  VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted: please include all information which appears in raised print,
PLUS the 3 digit security code which appears on the back.  PayPal accepted.

Dear Friends & Collectors,

Sometimes I feel as if some "techno-gypsy" from a bad Sci-Fi movie has put a curse on my website...that is my OTHER website ( 
     I really NEED that other website.  You see, for Postal Stationery there are catalogs (both Scott and UPSS), and all you need is a catalog number to know what I'm offering.
     But for some of the other areas I handle -- like Poster Stamps & other "Cinderella" material -- there are no catalogs, and I really need a website with pictures.
     I've been trying to develop one for 2 years, but....well, it does feel like I've been cursed.  I had one under development & growing nicely when suddenly, one day last year, it slowed down to a crawl, with pages taking 30 seconds to load.  My "webhost" was unable to fix the problem and I had to junk it.
     Then, I switched to an "Ebay Prostore", a store hosted by Ebay on their servers...powerful, efficient servers, with good tech support.  However, about a month ago, after developing nearly 2,000 items on this website... I received an email to the effect that Ebay had decided to shut down the Prostore Program, as of February 1, 2015.
     So, after putting hundreds of hours into the development of this second website, I now find myself needing to start development of "Website #2, Version #3".
     If I ever give you the impression that I'm in a foul mood, now you know why.  About now I could really use some hi-tech wolfbane....

      Meanwhile, progress is being made on this website.  The CUT SQUARES & FULL CORNERS list is completely repriced and updated as of April 24.  The MINT POSTAL CARD list is completely repriced and updated as of April 23.  I'm currently working on repricing the SPECIALIZED ENVELOPES BY UPSS # lists.  Once they're done I can do the EARLY ENVELOPES and MODERN ENVELOPES lists.  Then...well, I'm not thinking THAT far down the road yet.

       And now, let's get down to business...


     All in excellent condition.  Quantities are limited on some, so please get back to me quickly.

Scott#    RA?    UPSS#    SZ     KN     WMK     PRICE
U279              810      7     31       7      8.50
U388             1421     10     57      14      2.50
U423b            2121     13     79      24      2.40
U429             2230     21     100     43     12.00

U537             3413     23    116X     42      5.00
U581a            3618     23    115w     47      6.00
UC7              AM-13    23    106      30a    20.00


     Ever since the earliest "tagged" issues of Postal Stationery, the USPS has tried a number of different ideas to best trigger the mechanism that "recognizes" the presence of paid postage on a stamped envlope.  These include BAR TAGS to the left, BAR TAGS to the right, FLUORESCENT INK on the design, & BLOCK TAGS of various sizes to the left.  These block tags vary from small (11mm x 13mm) to large (15mm x 30mm) and were used regularly and "experimentally" for brief periods.
     The 2011 Edition of the UPSS 20th/21st Century Envelope Catalog mentions a "13 x 11 mm size with a notch in the upper right corner" with a note to refer to an article in the July-August 1993 issue of Postal Stationery.  I copy, below, in red:

    "At an unknown time during production of Large "25's", an odd variety of the small tagged 13 mm x 11 mm type was made with a 7 mm x 2 mm notch out of the upper right comer of the tagging block. A source in the Stamped Envelope Agency believed that these blocks were modified during an unsuccessful test to determine a suitable tagging block for the 25 cent Space Station Hologram envelope.  The checked items are confmned to exist: the author would be grateful to
hear if others are known. All are fairly scarce".

  Watermark    48A     49     50
12 Plain        X
12 Window                     X
23 Plain        X             X
23 Window       X             X*
* Used copy reported only.

One of the reasons the Notch Tags are fairly scarce is that the underlying envelopes, the Large 25s, are also scarce.  What we have here is a difficult tag on a difficult envelope. These are the first and only Notch Tag envelopes I've owned & offered in 25 years.  The Notch Tag envelopes do not exist on the "Small 25" Envelopes.

     What I'm offering here is a size 12, Plain Watermark 50 which was used on an Event Cover.  It was not checked off above as being known as of 1993.  I've outlined the tagged area on this example only to show you the position of the tag, but what you're buying will be clean, no pencil marks.  I've placed a "small" 25 cut square under the large 25 for comparison.
    PRICE for a "Notch Tag" envelope is $10.00.

Great color variation exists in the inks of many of the 19th Century Envelopes.  The "reds" are probably the worst, with a range from lake to extreme dark red, dark red, red, carmine, pink, vermilion, scarlet and orange.  Those are all "defined" shades, with quite a few "in-between" shades which were not deliberately mixed, but just kinda "happened", usually when an employee of one of the contractors accidentally threw a wee bit too much of one color into the mix.
     The scan at the right is a U348, Die B, Size 11 used envelope.  I've placed 2 cut squares on top.  The one at the left is DARK BLUE and the one in the center is BLUE.  Much like the "Notch Tag" variety above, I can tell you that I've never offered a light blue envelope or cut square on my general listings in 33 years.
     AS an interesting aside note, a few of the envelopes I have are addressed to "W & J Sloane in New York".  This was a VERY upscale rug & furniture store which dominated its field for over 100 years before being bought out...and going bankrupt when the new owners went "downscale" and "over- expanded".  Lesson here; it pays to stick with a winning formula.
     Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on W & J Sloane.  It's a good, quick read:

What I'm offering here is a U348, Die B, UPSS #
1138c, used...looking much like the picture above.  UPSS Catalog $18.75.  Condition is excellent, no doubt because these envelopes are all hand-cancelled.  Minimal creases, good corners.  Back flap is good, with full gum.  Minor thinning at the tip of the back flap.  This was not from sealing; this was from the pressure of nearly 100 years of storage in a box.   I didn't open the flaps; the previous dealer/owner did.
     PRICE for one of these scarce envelopes is $13.00.  Please keep in mind; these are USED, and while in "excellent" condition, they're not perfect.  Earliest orders get the best copies.


UY19 Reply Card with Plate Flaw  
   NO, this one is not in the same league as some of the "Island of Atlantis" cards I've found in the past.
   Those cards were genuine plate flaws. where some foreign object had invaded the plate, creating an iregular pattern somehwere below Alaska.
  These are Oil Bubbles, at the top of the letter "A" of USA.  They are very much like the "Flying Saucer" variety of UX44 (see Page 43, UPSS Postal Card Catalog).  This type of freak is random, and can show up anywhere on the card; in this case, it picked a good place to show up.  It's not "spectacular", but it IS "obvious".  OBs on UX44 are uncommon, but not scarce, as 10 million UX44s were printed and probably several thousand were printed with OBs.  The UY19 is a lot scarcer, as the printing was only 1 million.  I have about a dozen.

     What I'm offering here is an Unfolded UY19, with an Oil Bubble smack dab in the middle of the top of the letter "A", as shown above.   The cards are in excellent condition, with only a tiny crease/ding at the bottom, less than the width of a fingernail.  PRICE for one of these EFOs is only $7.50.


Indian Princely States Stationery     Understanding the political structure of pre-independence India is not something I signed up for when I became a stamp dealer.
     It's complex, to say the least.  Paring it down (as best I can) to the basics, the Princely States were run by local rulers who pledged their loyalty to the British Crown.    
     There were officially 565 of them at the time of India's independence in 1947.  Many of them (200+) were small, with an area less than 10 square miles...but apparently enough population to allow the rulers to live like.. princes.
     Part of being a Princely State was having envelopes and letterheads with a Princely coat-of-arms.  Part of being a stamp dealer is finding a large accumulation of these envelopes.  No letterheads, just the envelopes.
     Now, before I discuss the two items of Philatelic importance...price and condition.. let me be clear about something.  These are NOT POSTAL STATIONERY.  They are just regular "stationery", havingIndian Princely State Stationery no postal validity, but a great deal of historical significance.  This material falls into the category of POSTAL HISTORY.
     To determine the value of these envelopes I surfed the net.  I found a few dealers, either in Great Britain or India.  Most of what I found was priced at $8.42 each, which is the current exchange rate for 5 British Pounds.
     Most of what I saw was not as nice as what I'm offering here.  My find came from...  who knows where, but it's been in storage a long time.  A few flaps had to be pried loose as long-time pressure had made them stick, but otherwise, what I offer is very clean.  Still, it should be understood that these envelopes were not manufactured to the specifications of U.S. Postal Stationery.  The paper is coarse, and the gum is rough.  The printing, however, is of high quality.  The size of the envelopes is roughly 3 3/4" x 4 3/4".

     What I'm offering here is a group of 10 different envelopes for $20.00.  I'm also offering a larger group of 20 different envelopes for $40.00.  NOTE; there may be some slight duplication of PRINTED DESIGN, but the envelope or ink color will be different.  You might get the same design on blue and on white envelopes, or you might get the same design in red ink and in green ink.

THE 1967 ASDA LABELS 1967 ASDA Labels - Washington     The Nicklin 1967 ASDA Show labels have annoyed me for years....and will probably do so for several more.  Using Google Images to locate any that are on the Internet, I find it to be the case that I'm the only dealer offering these.  Unfortunately, what I've been  able to offer, set-wise, was only 1/4 of the total picture!
     You see, there are TWO different design schemes.  And they come both perforated and imperforate.  (Actually, they're not really perforated; they're rouletted.)  There are, in fact, FOUR sets, each having 4 different colors.  The complete set is 16 mini-sheets.
     After nearly 2 years I've managed to accumulate, I daresay, the biggest stock of these in existence ...and yet I only have 13 out of the 16 and can only offer ONE complete set.  I have the following available:
1967 ASDA Labels - Lincoln

  PERF       IMPERF        PERF       IMPERF

  BLUE       BLUE          BLUE       BLUE
             GREEN         GREEN      GREEN
  ORANGE     ORANGE                   ORANGE
  RED                      RED        RED

   2.00 ea        2.00 ea             2.00 ea        2.00 ea        


1961 Riverbank Poster Stamps1961 Riverbank Poster StampRIVERBANK'S GOLDEN YEAR

      Riverbank is a small town (4 square miles) in California with a population of 23,000 as of 2013.  In 1961 there might have been 5,000 or so residents... but for a small town, they made a pretty big splash with their poster stamps.
My web research on this item was fairly unproductive.  I did find a few mentions of INDIVIDUAL poster stamps on some chat sites, but nowhere did I find any discussion of complete booklet fact, I've only found mention of 2 of the 3 individual stamps...namely the lower 2.  The top stamp is the most interesting of the 3; it's a RAILROAD topical.
     The Riverbank Poster Stamps were issued in booklet form; thus the staple holes at the top.  I don't know how many panes to the booklet.
     So far, so easy...but now, it gets complicated.  Here's why:
   1.  INK.  These panes exist both in BLUE and RED.
   2.  PAPER.  I've seen WHITE, BLUE, and ORANGE.  There MAY be a lighter shade of blue paper...or it may just be a bad scan.  I have in my possession a few damaged stamps on a GOLDEN paper.
   3.  GUM.  The panes I have are mostly the standard, shiny gum...but I also have some panes on WHITE paper with a dull, "Test" gum, similar to the gum used on some U.S. booklet panes years later.  I don't know if ALL paper colors exist with test gum...or just the white paper.

   Here's what I'm able to offer; all Booklet Panes of 3,
excellent condition, of course.  Maybe a TEENY bit of rust around the staple holes at the top.
     1.  RED ink, WHITE paper, DULL gum.  $7.50
     2.  BLUE ink, WHITE paper, SHINY gum.  $7.50
     3.  BLUE ink, WHITE paper, DULL gum.  $7.50
     4.  RED ink, ORANGE paper, SHINY gum.  $7.50
     5.  BLUE ink, ORANGE pape, SHINY gum.  $7.50
     6.  RED ink, BLUE paper, SHINY gum.  $7.50
     7.  BLUE ink, BLUE paper, SHINY gum.  $7.50


     I have tentative plans to attend the APS show in Hartford later this month.  I won't be taking a booth; I haven't done that in 35 years.  I like the mail-order business just fine, except of course for the technical end of it.  Hopefully, next mailing, I'll have a more optimistic update on my "other" website. 

         Best Regards,



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