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TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this list may be combined with items from my other lists for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  ALL ORDERS will be shipped via Insured or Registered mail, for your protection.  Please add $2 for postage and insurance to all orders.  Smaller orders will carry private insurance and will have NO USPS markings.    There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  This is for U.S. orders only.  Overseas shipments, please e-mail me in advance for shipping information.
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Dear Friends & Collectors,

     ...and so, the Summer comes to an end.  It was certainly eventful, mostly with the July 28th announcement by the USPS that there would be a major change in their rules governing the REDEMPTION of Postal Stationery...namely, that they would only accept stationery which had been on sale during the past year.  This effectively put an end to an ages-old practice of us dealers buying lots, picking out what we need, and turning in the rest.  Some of you collectors out there were also making good use of this procedure.
     It's too early to tell what the effects of this announcement will be.  I need to hit a few auctions and bid on a few lots to get a better feel for the situation.  Thus far I've been to one auction, but the STATIONERY pickings AT THAT AUCTION were slim.

      Also keeping me busy was the development of my new website, the address of which is:  I just added over 70 French sets & singles to the listings.  Don't ask me what's next; there's enough material here to choke a horse.... it's just a question of processing it.

     And now, let's get down to business...


U154     Last month I put out an unprecedented offering of Official Envelopes.  This month, it's time for the cut squares and full corners.

     I never bought an envelope lot which didn't have a FEW clunkers here and there...and the group of Official Envelopes I bought at the end of July was no exception.  Bad envelopes -- when the problems are located far away from the embossed area -- are my preferred source for cut squares and full corners.  I'm able to cut them the way you and I like them... big and straight.  When I buy cuts or corners at auction, I'm usually buying someone else's work... and I daresay it's usually not as nice as mine.

     What you have at the left is a U154 Cut Square...with the defining feature -- the narrow middle bar of the "N" -- highlighted.  It's the best item I'll be offering this month.

     I only have a few of these... or any of the other better cut squares or full corners I'm offering... so please, get to me ASAP; best to use the phone.  If I'm not in, just leave a message on the answering machine; I'll take care of you in the order in which your call was received.  E-mail will also work.  This mailing will be posted around September 25th.

SCOTT #   Description                                                                                        Cut Square  Full Corner

U154         2c Jackson, vermilion on amber, Die 7 (Die U42 in Scott)...           295.00         350.00
UO2          3c Official Stamp, black on lemon (Die UO2 in Scott)...........             ----------            20.00
UO20        3c Washington, dark red on white (Die UO10 in Scott).........             62.50           75.00
UO26      12c Clay, dark red on white (Die UO13 in Scott)......................           160.00         190.00
UO48        2c Jackson, red on amber (Die UO18 in Scott).......................             31.50           37.50
UO49        2c Jackson, red on orange (Die UO18 in Scott)......................             57.50           70.00
UO53        3c Washington, red on cream (Die UO19 in Scott).................              ---------              7.50
UO61      12c Clay, red on white (Die UO22 in Scott)...............................              ----------           65.00

That's all, folks!  Not a very extensive offering, this month: just short and sweet, like last month.  Some very difficult items, top quality condition, and the prices are more than fair.  I wish I could do this every month.   

         Best Regards,



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