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AUGUST, 2013

If ordering Dinosaur Style (thru the mail), you can print out this sheet, then circle the price of what you want and mail it in with your payment.  PLEASE circle with a fine colored marker; any color will do.
2.  ONLINE  Sorry, this is not a full-function interactive website with a shopping cart and card processing ability.  It's Dinosaur-style; it only has listings.  Still, we can improvise!
You can
send me an e-mail and type out what you want and the price.
     OR, you can cut & paste the item with its description and price.
IF the item exists in several conditions or forms (such as f-vf or vf for stamps, or as Cut Squares or Full Corners) please indicate which you want.
     OR you can cut & paste large portions of the list and
HIGHLIGHT whatever you want.  Green (the 00-80-00 shade for the techs out there) works well, as does Red (the FF-00-00 shade).
     I accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  I also accept PAY PAL,
at my e-mail address of "".
3.  PHONE  IF your order is relatively simple or if you have a few questions, you can phone me at 718-939-5788.  For me, "business hours" are flexible.  I'm usually in, and if I'm not, you get the answering machine.  Leave your #; I'll get back to you.

TERMS OF PURCHASE:  Items from this list may be combined with items from my other lists for a MINIMUM ORDER of $15.  ALL ORDERS will be shipped via Insured or Registered mail, for your protection.  Please add $2 for postage and insurance to all orders.  Smaller orders will carry private insurance and will have NO USPS markings.    There's no "handling" fee; just actual postage expenses.  This is for U.S. orders only.  Overseas shipments, please e-mail me in advance for shipping information.
     New York State Residents, please add the appropriate Sales tax.  VISA, Master Card and American Express are accepted: please include all information which appears in raised print,
PLUS the 3 digit security code which appears on the back.  PayPal accepted.

Dear Friends & Collectors,

     Before I get to some of the most exciting material I've offered you in a long time I have TWO other matters to discuss.

     1.  Last month, I told you about an impending rule change by the USPS regarding the redemption of Postal Stationery.  Unfortunately, that change happened faster than anticipated... and on July 28, the curtain came down on the old procedure.  The new rule reads as follows: (I'll spare you the whole shebang and just include the relevant portion.)

9.0 Exchanges and Refunds

9.1.2 Unusable, Damaged Stamps or Stamped Paper

[7-28-13] Stamps, including stamped paper (cards and envelopes), that are damaged or otherwise unusable for postage (because of humidity, moisture, or other causes) while in a customer's possession may be exchanged only for an equal number of stamps, or stamped paper, alike and of the same denomination. Unusable stamps, including stamped paper, accepted from a customer must be those on sale at Post Offices within 12 months before the transaction. Quantities of the same denomination totaling over $10 (i.e., sheets, coils, booklets) must be returned in the same configuration as when bought. Except as provided in item e, each such transaction is limited to $100 worth of postage from each customer. These additional conditions apply to exchanges of damaged or unusable stamps or stamped paper:

     The part above highlighted in red is the deadly part.  It excludes all the older stationery that I, and some of you, have been turning in for years.  Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over 'til it's over."  Well, now it's officially over.

     2.  To slightly more pleasant matters....  Last month I told you about some problems I was having with my new Website.  I've been constructing, as time permitted, a new website.  It's not completely finished, but it's almost there...and as far as I can determine, the bells & whistles are functioning.

     The address is:

     Barring any unforseen problems, this is where I'll be developing the new areas of my business -- Worldwide Stamps and Cinderella material -- and eventually transferring my Ppostal Stationery listings.  Time frame?.... your guess is as good as mine.

     And now, let's get to something really exciting....


     Good, clean, early OFFICIAL envelopes were never easy to find, and they won't be getting any easier in the future.  But for now, while they last, I'm able to offer you a few from an Estate Auction I attended 2 weeks ago in Connecticut. 
     There's a fascinating story behind this auction!  About a week prior I received an email from a non-philatelic auction house about an hour from NY...well, about an hour as the crow flies, more like 2 hours as I-95 crawls!  Seems that an employee of the U.S. Treasury Department in the late 19th Century had squirreled away some envelopes -- mostly Officials -- and they had been sitting in a trunk for over 100 years, passing down thru various of his descendants, until finally seeing the light of day late in July.
     Do I need to say.... that being in a trunk for over 100 years has kept these envelopes in a LOT better condition than most of what I've seen during the past 30 years?  What I'm about to offer you is, on a scale of 1 to 100 -- with 100 being perfect -- about a 99.9.  Fresh as the day they were minted.  Solidly attached flaps.  Full gum.  Never more than the most insignificant dent or ding.  NO RETURN ADDRESSES!  This is the kind of material I've always been proud to sell.

Scott#    RA?    UPSS#    SZ     KN     WMK     SCOTT     UPSS    PRICE
U154      NO!     353      7     31      6     450.00   475.00   375.00
UO20      NO!     WD5     21     98      2a    100.00   100.00    80.00
UO26      NO!     WD17    21     98      2a    260.00   250.00  
UO26      NO!     WD18    25    122      2a    260.00   300.00  
UO48      NO!     WD61     6     19      6      45.00    45.00   
UO49      NO!     WD63    10     52u     2      80.00    70.00   
UO53      NO!     WD87    10     53      2      10.00    75.00    60.00
UO53      NO!     WD88    21     98      2      10.00    30.00    24.00
UO61      NO!     WD123   25    122      2     190.00   250.00   200.00

     I have between 4 and 7 of most of these.... slightly more of the cheaper ones.  It would probably be a good idea to phone or email me.

That's all, folks!  Not a very extensive offering, this month: just short and sweet.  Some very difficult items, top quality condition, and the prices are more than fair.  I wish I could do this every month.   

         Best Regards,



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